First Three Marvel Star Wars Comics Announced
26 Jul. 2014

First Three Marvel Star Wars Comics Announced

Today at Comic Con, Marvel announced it’s first three Star Wars titles set to release next year. “Star Wars,” “Star Wars: Darth Vader,” and “Star Wars: Princess Leia.” has provided the information revealed so far for these three new titles, including the creative teams for each book, release dates, and when these stories will take place in the Star Wars timeline. Here’s the info from

Marvel dropped a thermal detonator of an announcement at today’s Cup o’ Joe panel, revealing three new Star Wars comics helmed by all-star creative teams: Star Wars, an ongoing series by Jason Aaron and John Cassaday (coming January 2015); Star Wars: Darth Vader, an ongoing series by Kieron Gillen and Salvador Larroca (coming February 2015); and Star Wars: Princess Leia, a five-issue miniseries by Mark Waid and Terry Dodson (coming March 2015). All canonical within the Star Wars universe, each book will pick up where Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope left off, filling in important, previously unexplored gaps for some of the saga’s most iconic characters. To put it simply, this is very big news.


Jason Aaron comes to Star Wars having completed an incredible run of both critical and commercial hits, including memorable work on Marvel’s Wolverine, Wolverine and the X-Men, and the current event series Original Sin, as well his creator-owned title, Scalped.



Kieron Gillen has quickly risen to become one of Marvel’s most in-demand writers, with popular stints on some of the publisher’s biggest titles including Thor, Uncanny X-Men, and Invincible Iron Man.



An industry legend, Mark Waid has penned several classics featuring some of comics’ greatest heroes, from Daredevil to Captain America to Superman.

Star_Wars_Leia_Dodson_cov-676x1024 also has some short interviews with the writers for each title, giving us some more insight into what we can expect from these three new Star Wars comics. Be sure to check to them out!

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