Andy Serkis Answers 10 Questions About The Force Awakens
17 Dec. 2014

Andy Serkis Answers 10 Questions About The Force Awakens

While at the premiere for “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies,” Entertainment Weekly got the chance to talk with Andy Serkis about “The Force Awakens,” where he answered, and tired his best to answer, ten questions about the movie they asked him while at the premiere. Here are some of the more interesting questions Andy Serkis was asked by Entertainment Weekly, where he was able to set the record straight on some rumors about his role in “The Force Awakens.”

His voice was unaltered for the trailer.
We know now that the narrator of The Force Awakens teaser was Serkis’ unspecified character, but at first no one was sure which actor was speaking. Was his voice being deliberately masked? “That is the character,” Serkis says, adding that the gravelly, ominous voice is entirely organic. “There’s no digital manipulation. That’s just me.”

Serkis, a pioneer of performance-capture technology, will not play multiple characters in the movie.
The rumor that Serkis will take on more than one part is “not true at all,” Serkis says. “I can say I only play one character.”

Can we safely assume, from that weary voice, that the character has seen some harsh action in the galaxy over the years?
Serkis laughs, and considers what he can reveal. “I have to be very careful about how I answer these questions. The character …” he says, followed by a long pause. “He’s been through some stuff.”

Will we see Serkis himself onscreen, or will his character be rendered through performance capture?
“I can’t say a single thing about that. I’m sorry!” Serkis says with a massive grin. “These things will all come out in the fullness of time, I promise.”

Will Serkis’s character lead a “group of unbelievably athletic and acrobatic motion capture characters”?
This report from Jedi News also gets a big laugh out of Serkis – along with a sustained eyeball-roll. “I’m not leading a band of gymnasts or acrobats,” he says.

So while Andy Serkis’ character is still a mystery, we do know he will only be playing one character, which has been a highly discussed topic amongst us fans whether or not he will have more than one role in the movie. And while it’s cool to find out and now know his character has “been through some stuff” and will not be leading a band of acrobats, there’s still plenty of stuff to speculate on with his character until he gets revealed!

Be sure to check out his answers to the full ten questions, over at Entertainment Weekly

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