Reports From The Force Awakens Japanese Press Conference
30 Apr. 2015

Reports From The Force Awakens Japanese Press Conference

Last night Yahoo Japan reported that a special press conference for “The Force Awakens” was going to be held in Japan on April 30th with Kathleen Kennedy and Daisy Ridley making an appearance. Well the press conference did take place last night in Japan, where the Japanese press had their first opportunity to ask questions about the new “Star Wars” movie to the head of Lucasfilm, and one of the film’s stars.

Below is some of what was reported so far from the Japanese press at the event, via StarWars7 News.

They chose to have the first conference in Japan as a way of honoring the home nation of Akira Kurosawa, director of The Hidden Fortress and a major inspiration for the Star Wars saga.

According to Kennedy at the stage now where rough editing is finished, advances the work, such as CG for the world all at once published the future, that the 1-2 month production of music by John Williams (83) later is started. “There is still a lot of story, the basic the” Star Wars Saga “that the family inheritance, the story of each and every universe is drawn will be,” I was told in depth and meaning.

Mrs. Kennedy emphasized that “family is what we inherited. Family of Saga” is the base of this new trilogy.

Not much new info was revealed, but while many of us fans are expecting family to be a major theme in the new trilogy, this is one of the first times we’ve heard Kathleen Kennedy talk about that being the case.

Below are some images taken at the event from








We”ll be sure to update this story if more details about the event get revealed.

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