Supremacy Mode Announced For Star Wars Battlefront
13 Aug. 2015

Supremacy Mode Announced For Star Wars Battlefront

EA has just announced a new mode for “Star Wars Battlefront” called Supremacy, a mode that promises to have intense battles with ground troops, ships, walkers, and heroes and villains all being part of the action!

Here are the details about Supremacy mode from the official Star Wars Battlefront Site:

Supremacy centers on five control points scattered across the map. The objective is gaining control of all five, or the majority of them, before the 10 minute round is over. Each team starts the match controlling two of these control points, initially fighting for control of the fifth one in the center. After this is determined, the control points need to be claimed in a set order. This means the action will be taking place on two control points at a time – one for each team.

An intense mode for players that know their way around the battlefront, Supremacy is ideal for those craving all-out multiplayer action. According to Lead Level Designer Dennis Brännvall, this action will be both immediate and intense.

DICE says that almost all vehicles will be available in Supremacy mode, and also gave a little more info on some of the hero and villain characters, saying Darth Vader can take more damage during a battle, and that Luke and Boba Fett can move more swiftly between attacking and defensive positions than other characters.

Supremacy mode will also have the largest fighting grounds in “Star Wars Battlefront,” and is likened to Conquest mode from Battlefield. Though DICE assures that in Supremacy, you not feel isolated when joining the fight, as you will always spawn right into the action.

It’s been great getting all these new modes announced over the last month, and so for they’re all sounding like lots of fun, and just keep adding to the anticipation of the game!

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