J.J. Abrams Talks Spoilers & The First Two Trailers With Entertainment Weekly
14 Aug. 2015

J.J. Abrams Talks Spoilers & The First Two Trailers With Entertainment Weekly

In the final article of their “The Force Awakens” coverage, Entertainment Weekly got the chance to talk to J.J. Abrams about spoilers for the movie, and some interesting things about the first two teaser trailers we’ve seen.

Here’s a portion of Entertainment Weekly’s final article with J.J. Abrams:

“One of the great things that Lucasfilm has done over the years is embracing the community of Star Wars fans, and it’s because they realize that it’s really the fans’ story,”

“And that understanding, that sharing of information and engaging with the fans is something that I really admire. My instinct is to typically keep things quiet – and if I had my way, perhaps we would be showing less – but the truth is, I want to make sure that the fans aren’t feeling like we are holding back for the sake of it.”

“I also have read more comments than I ever expected where people say, ‘don’t spoil it for me, don’t show me everything, don’t ruin the story, I don’t want to know it yet. And I’m always grateful for that. So it’s a little bit of a tightrope, and we want to make sure we’re being forthcoming, but that we’re not spoiling.”

On leaving clues in the first two teaser trailers: “They’re all, in a way, pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that is, little by little, coming together in some form. We’re doing the best we can to simply finish this movie, and make it as good as it can be, and at the same time, dole out moments and characters and images that will be in line with what Lucas has been doing for so many years.”

“There are many things that have been seen that of course can’t be understood yet. Some things are throwaways; some things are more important. But the fundamental thing is the movie, and wanting to make sure that we are platforming and helping where we can, but not in any way ruining or divulging things that would make the experience of seeing the movie lessen.”

It’s been a great week following Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of “The Force Awakens,” so be sure to check out the full article of their final chat with J.J. Abrams, where he also talks about working with Ben Burtt and Andy Serkis.

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