Hear Finn, Kylo Ren And Captain Phasma Speak Form New The Force Awakens Merchandise!
04 Sep. 2015

Hear Finn, Kylo Ren And Captain Phasma Speak Form New The Force Awakens Merchandise!

Aside from Supreme Leader Snoke, Han Solo, and a voice over by Luke from “Return of the Jedi,” we have yet to hear any dialogue from any of the other main characters from “The Force Awakens.” Well now thanks to Force Friday and some talking merchandise being purchased, we can now get a taste of some dialogue, and what some of the characters will sound like in “The Force Awakens”!

Three characters have had dialogue come out thanks to some talking figures and masks that are being released, and those characters are Finn, Kylo Ren and Captain Phasma.

The first two videos of Finn and Kylo Ren come from IGN, with their dialogue listed below in case you can’t make out what they’re saying:

Potential Spoilers Below:

  • “The name’s Finn and I’m in charge now”
  • “We go back to Jakku, we die” (shouting)
  • “Stay low and put up the shields” (shouting)
  • “We need cover – quick!” (shouting)
  • “FS2187” (shouting)
  • “I don’t…know what…to do!” (screaming, funny line?)
  • “I never should have rescued you!” (shouting)
  • “Listen, I’ve had a pretty messed up day!”

  • “I’ve been waiting for this for a long time”
  • “Is it true…you’re just a scavenger?”
  • “Don’t be afraid”
  • “I feel it too”
  • “You know what I’ve come for”
  • “Don’t fight it…you know you can’t”
  • “I’m immune to the light”
  • “That weapon is mine”
  • “Together, we will destroy the resistance and the last Jedi”


And for Captain Phasma, her audio and dialogue comes from twitter user David Popineau, via Making Star Wars:


“Move to your ships, now.”
“On my command…”
“Fire FN2187.”
“Submit your blaster for inspection.”

While it would’ve been nice to hear the first lines of dialogue from these major characters be in a trailer instead of from merchandise, it’s still pretty cool to get a taste of what we can expect to hear from these characters, and there’s definitely a lot there for fans to speculate on!

For Finn, it sounds like John Boyega will be using an American accent for his voice, and to me it sounds like his lines come from both when he’s a Stormtrooper, and when he’s with Rey. Captain Phasma sounds really calm and cool, and almost has a soothing voice, which I found  a bit surprising. As for Kylo Ren, almost all of his dialogue from that toy can have us fans speculating for hours! In particular for me, the lines “I’m immune to the light,” and  “Together, we will destroy the resistance and the last Jedi.”

Now much like “The Phantom Menace” toys from 1999, some of these lines of dialogue might not even make it into the final film, and you can be assured they will sound different than how they sound here. But it’s still definitely cool to get a sneak peek at what some major characters in ” The Force Awakens” will say, and sound like.

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