Maz Kanata Action Figure Revealed
11 Feb. 2016

Maz Kanata Action Figure Revealed

Now that “The Force Awakens” is well into it’s theatrical run, it looks like we’ll finally start to see the release of new action figures of same of the major characters that they were holding back on. And the first of those major characters who’s finally getting an action figure release is Maz Kanata!

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive reveal of the figure for this weekend’s Toy Fair, where they reveal Maz will only be available in the Takodana Encounter 3-75-inch playset, which will also include Rey, Finn, and BB-8.

Here are some images and info on the Maz Kanata figure from Entertainment Weekly:




Here is Maz Kanata in all her glory as a Hasbro action figure, complete with blaster to help fend off The First Order’s invasion of her flag-draped castle. The toy includes her headgear with goggles (all the better to see your eyes), but she also comes with much more. For now, Maz cannot be purchased individually, but will be available at an unspecified date this spring as part of the Takodana Encounter 3-75-inch playset, which features three other characters…

In addition to the four characters, two blasters, and Rey’s staff, the Takodana Encounter playset will have two lightsabers — both of them the blue-bladed one from the movie that once belonged to Luke Skywalker and his father before him. But one will be extended, and the other will just be the handle. The chest from the movie where Rey finds the saber is also included in the multi-pack, with the handle inside (but unmovable.)

It’s definitely cool to have a Maz Kanata figure available, but hopefully she will be available in a single figure packaging soon as well. And hopefully some Luke, Leia, and Snoke figures will not be too far behind now either!

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