Photos & Video From The Episode VIII Set!
19 Apr. 2016

Photos & Video From The Episode VIII Set!

Earlier today we learned that Prince Harry and Prince William got a chance to visit the Episode VIII set at Pinewood  studios and meet with the cast and crew. During their visit, some pretty cool photos and video footage have been released online that gives us a peek at the production going on right now for Episode VIII!

Here are some of images of the Episode VIII set from the Kensington Palace Twitter account, where you will see Prince Harry and Prince William interact with Mark Hamill, Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, and Director Rian Johnson, as well as get a look at some returning ships and characters!

CgaC714WcAA7yBW.jpg largeBritains-Prince-William-Duke-of-Cambridge-R-is-hugged-by-ChewbaccaCgaCx3xWEAElUA7.jpg largeCgaGu0pWsAIbk6Z.jpg large





CgaFEf-XEAAoyEB.jpg largeCgaNjEeXIAExMxd.jpg largeJohn-Boyega-at-the-Pinewood-Studios-to-meet-Harry-and-William-as-they-tour-the-Star-Wars-setCgZ2iQAWcAAFaAd.jpg large





CgZ7KA6WQAAZLjx.jpg largeCgZ92bxW4AAnBEE.jpg largeCgaY70PW4AAD3DZCgaVf-ZWEAEyRlV.jpg large





And here are a couple of videos from the Prince’s set visit from Mirror UK and the Kensington Palace Twitter account:


It’s always great when we get an inside look at a new “Star Wars” film in production like this, and even better when we get a new reveal, as it looks like we’ll be seeing the return of the A-wing in Episode VIII!

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