15 Jul. 2016

New Rogue One Behind The Scenes Video & Poster From Celebration Europe!

Well the “Rogue One” panel from Celebration Europe has now ended, and we got to see some very cool stuff from the film!

First off we got an awesome new poster for the film which you can check out below.

Rogue One Poster.jpg large

And while we didn’t get a full blown trailer like we were expecting, we did get a very cool behind the scenes sizzle reel of “Rogue One,” similar to what we got for “The Force Awakens” at San Diego Comic Con last year. You can check out that out in the video above.

Now something extra was shown at the end of the panel for those in attendance, but before they showed it, Kathleen Kennedy did ask everyone not to film or take photos of it, so it seems unlikely that what was shown there will make it’s way online. Though reports from those who saw it said there was a Darth Vader tease at the end.

But what we did get was definitely still awesome to see, and “Rogue One” is looking and sounding like it’s going to be a great, but unique “Star Wars” film that we’re all expecting it to be!

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