New Details & Images Of The Mandalorian From Celebration Chicago
14 Apr. 2019

New Details & Images Of The Mandalorian From Celebration Chicago

“The Mandalorian” has had it’s coming out party at Celebration Chicago, and we’ve at last gotten some official information on it’s main characters and setting!

Right off the bat, they did show some footage at the panel, but Lucasfilm has decided not to release it online yet, which is a bummer, but hearing Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni and the cast talk about the series, and the images from the panel that were released, are still enough to get fans plenty excited about the series.

Joining Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni at the panel were actors Pedro Pascal, Gina Carano and Carl Weathers, who were there to reveal the first bit of information about their characters.

Pedro Pascal is of course playing the Mandalorian, who said he is a lone gunslinger type bounty hunter, who he describes as having ” questionable moral character, which is in line with some of our best westerns, some good samurai.” He will also fly a ship called the Razer Crest.

Gina Carano revealed that she is playing a character named Cara Dune, and is an ex-Rebel Shock Trooper, who she describes as someone who is also a loner, and as says she is “having a bit of trouble reintegrating myself into society.”

Carl Weathers is playing a character named Greef Carga and says “he’s the head of this guild of bounty hunters. He’s looking for someone to bring a product to a client. It’s worth a lot, very valuable. Guess who he finds? He finds a bounty hunter named Mandalorian. He hires this guy, sends him out there, and Mando does what needs to be done.”

Jon Favreau says the series will take place five years after “Return of the Jedi” and describes the setting as this after the Empire is defeated: “If you look throughout history, it’s fun at first, but it gets very complicated very quickly. The idea of that world after “Return of the Jedi” and what would happen and what sort of characters would survive, and what it was like until the new Republic took over. You have vestiges of the Empire. You have only the strong surviving. You have chaos taking over the galaxy.”

I love everything I am hearing and seeing about “The Mandalorian,” and sounds like the perfect show to be the first ever live action “Star Wars” series. I absolutely cant wait to see officially released footage from it, which hopefully will be soon, but until then, check out these awesome images from the series!

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