New Details & Photos Of The Rise Of Skywalker From Vanity Fair
23 May. 2019

New Details & Photos Of The Rise Of Skywalker From Vanity Fair

Today Vanity Fair continued their tradition of covering every “Star Wars” saga film since “The Phantom Menace” by blowing the lid off of “The Rise Of Skywalker” with some new details, and a lot of awesome images photographed by the great Annie Leibovitz!

You can first check out some of the new images below that feature behind-the-scenes looks, new creatures and planets, our familiar heroes and villains along with some new characters, and the official reveal of the Knights of Ren in Episode IX!

Here are some of the new details revealed about “The Rise Of Skywalker” from Vanity Fair’s article:

First up, it is revealed that the movie will take place about a year after “The Last Jedi.”

The desert planet we saw in the teaser trailer will not be Tatooine or Jakku, but a new planet named Pasaana that’s at the edge of the galaxy. Native to the planet will be a race called the Aki-Aki, as well as new creatures called Orbaks, which are the horse like creatures we see Finn and Jannah riding.

Another new planet revealed is the snow-dusted world called Kijimi, home to a place called the Thieve’s Quarter. This planet is where we’ll meet Keri Russell’s character named Zorri Bliss, who Vanity Fair refers to as a scoundrel, and is the latest “Star Wars” character to have an awesome looking helmet!

Richard E. Grant will be playing a First Order officer named Allegiant General Pryde, and we’ll actually learn more about the origins of the First Order in the film.

As seen in the photos, the Knights of Ren are confirmed to be in Episode IX, but not much other info was provided on their role in the film, but they will be featured in the new planet Pasaana, and have mismatched armor sets, where one even has a gun for an arm!

It was also revealed that Rey will be close to completing her Jedi training, and the film will see the climax of the long struggle between the Jedi and Sith.

The article also mentions that we’ll also see more of Rey and Kylo’s strong Force connection be developed more in the the movie, and brings out that it runs deeper than we originally thought, which I’m sure will lead to their next confrontation that we see in the image above with them dueling in a storm!

Lots of cool new stuff revealed in this article! While I am a little disappointed that the movie will only take place a year after Episode VIII, and that we will yet have another new desert planet, there’s just so much more awesome stuff that looks to be happening in this movie, and it is getting me even more excited to see how the Skywalker saga will end!

There’s a lot more to check out in this issue covering “The Rise of Skywalker,” including new interviews with J.J. Abrams, Kathleen Kennedy, Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, and Anthony Daniels, so be sure to head on over to Vanity Fair for the full coverage!

You can also see this short, but very cool behind-the-scenes video on the set of “The Rise of Skywalker” below:

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