Star Wars Themed Santa Cruz Skateboards Announced
26 Feb. 2014

Star Wars Themed Santa Cruz Skateboards Announced

If you’re a Star Wars fan who also loves to skateboard , then this news will definitely be one to satisfy both passions, as it has just been announced that Lucasfilm and  Santa Cruz Skateboards are teaming up to bring us some Star Wars themed skateboard decks and cruzers. Here are the details about this new partnership sent to us by Lucasfilm, as well as some images of the Star Wars skateboard decks and cruzers:

Santa Cruz Skateboards™ announces its collaboration with Lucasfilm Ltd., featuring a limited edition collection of Star Wars™ skateboard decks and cruzers.

Known for its iconic graphics, Santa Cruz has now created original illustrated graphics of classic Star Wars characters available on both decks and complete cruzer skateboards.

Four Star Wars skateboard decks are available in either “Collector’s Edition” or “Shred Ready” models so fans can set up one to ride or keep the other in its highly collectible packaging. The “Collector’s Edition” is packaged in a vintage toy inspired blister pack and includes a laser etched numbered deck, matching the laser cut Certificate of Authenticity, and a deck art poster. The “Shred Ready” model comes in standard shrink-wrapped packaging.



The cruzer offering consists of five extremely functional shapes and sizes adorned with vintage-inspired, Santa Cruz illustrated portraits of classic Star Wars characters.
All Star Wars cruzers feature the same high quality components
Santa Cruz is known for.


A standout piece in the collection is the Darth Vader™ Wood Inlay deck. The entire graphic is constructed using laser cut maple, elm and walnut burl wood veneers that are then individually hand assembled. These unique decks are laser serial numbered with matching numbered Certificates of Authenticity and encased in its own custom foil printed and embossed display box – a must-have for both
Star Wars and Santa Cruz Skateboards™ collectors.


The Star Wars skateboard collection by Santa Cruz will be released on March 3rd at finer skateboard retailers around the world with additional offerings to follow in Summer and Holiday 2014. View the whole collection and purchase at

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