An Interview With Vice President Of Development For Star Wars Kiri Hart
02 Oct. 2014

An Interview With Vice President Of Development For Star Wars Kiri Hart

Since Disney’s acquisition of Lucasfilm two years ago, Kiri Hart has been serving as the Vice President Of Development for “Star Wars,” and is someone who is being compared to Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige by several people in the industry. And if you’re a fan of the Marvel Studios movies, that is definitely a good thing! The Wall Street Journal recently posted a new interview with Kiri Hart, where she talks about building a cohesive narrative throughout all the different “Star Wars” projects in development, how she goes about developing “Star Wars” TV shows and movies, and how she’s interested in working on “Star Wars” projects that cover all the different eras of the timeline. You can check out a portion of the interview below:

Why did you decide to put all your “Star Wars” content into the same overarching narrative? That’s required setting aside a lot of past non-film content, like books and videogames.

I’m crazily passionate about this idea of narratives travelling across different platforms. It just feels like a golden opportunity. This is a fictional universe that not only supports [narrative coherence] but invites it.

In addition, we wouldn’t be giving the right green space to our filmmakers if we mandated they stay within the stories that have been told [in books.]

How do you develop your movies and TV shows? Do people bring ideas to you?

We pretty quickly arrived at a content plan that stretches out for several years and we didn’t go looking for those ideas. Those existed internally. We were in a situation of looking for people to help us execute the ideas we had.

If you look at “Rebels” and the limited things we know about the next movie, it feels like there’s a return to the spirit of the original trilogy. Is that true? And is it purposeful?

Many of us are of an age where we are original trilogy kids who are now pinching ourselves every day that we’re working on Star Wars. There is a real affection we have for that because it hit us at the right moment.

Because of the content that happens to be coming out right now, there’s this original trilogy emphasis. But I know I have a lot of interest in all of it. I certainly am experiencing in talking to creative people a lot of interest in all areas of the “Star Wars” timeline. I think as we keep going we want to explore, to let the idea lead and then go with that.

She definitely says some great stuff in this interview. For me, I loved that she said she’s already talking to different people about working on projects that are set in the different eras of “Star Wars,” and everything is not just being original trilogy focused. Be sure to check out the full interview over at The Wall Street Journal, where she also talks about how long she’s been a fan, and “Star Wars” not just being a franchise for boys.

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