Star Wars Battlefront To Release Holiday 2015!
29 Oct. 2014

Star Wars Battlefront To Release Holiday 2015!

IGN is reporting that during an an investor relations call today, EA CEO Andrew Wilson revealed that the new “Star Wars Battlefront” will launch in the holiday season of 2015, and will be a first-person shooter. Regarding “Star Wars Battlefront” and their other big first-person shooter franchise “Battlefield,” Andrew Wilson said, “This allows us to have a major first-person shooter title each year.”

While it’s not a huge surprise to learn that “Star Wars Battlefront” will be launching close to the release of Episode VII, it’s still great to know that a firm release date is planned, which hopefully won’t see any delays. I also find it interesting that it’s being referred to as just a first-person shooter. The previous Battlefront games let you choose from third-person to first-person, so I’m wondering if that will still be the case, or if it will in fact only be a first-person shooter game. We should find out in the coming the months!

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