17 Aug. 2015

Darth Vader Themed PS4 Console Announced

Today at D23 some very cool new PS4 bundles were announced, where the big attraction is a Darth Vader themed PS4 console and controller!

There will be two different bundles for the Darth Vader PS4, one for “Star Wars Battlefront,” and one for “Disney Infinity 3.0,” which will include the Rise Against the Empire play set that has the Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia figures, as well Boba Fett. Take note though that the “Disney Infinity 3.0” bundle is a Walmart exclusive. There will also be a PS4 “Star Wars Battlefront” bundle available that will just be with the standard PS4 console.

All bundles will include a 500 GB PS4 and controller, as well as a voucher to download some classic “Star Wars” games, which I think is very cool. Those classic games include, “Super Star Wars” from the SNES, “Star Wars: Racer Revenge,” “Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter,” and “Star Wars Bounty Hunter” from the PS2. It’s being reported that all four classic games will have updated graphics, and trophy support.

You can check out images of the Darth Vader PS4 and the different bundles below, as well as the cool reveal trailer in the video above:











If you have been on the fence about getting a PS4, this seems like the perfect time to get one with these very cool bundles, which will all be available on November 17th.


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