Execute Episode 66
08 Oct. 2015

Execute Episode 66

Under direct orders from Emperor Palpatine himself, Kyle and Tim are back with a new episode to discuss all the latest in Star Wars. As The Force Awakens grows closer and closer to becoming fully armed and operational, we delve into some intriguing rumors about some of the new characters. We also cover Rogue One set photos, new info on Rebels Season 2, and everything in between!

Show Notes:

Kathleen Kennedy Confirms The Force Awakens Will Continue The Skywalker Family Story

Rumor About The Meaning Finn’s Name

Rumor About Rey’s Past & Why She’s On Jakku

Rumored Name For Max Von Sydow’s Character

Rumor About The State Of The Senate In Episode VIII

Tim Rose Reprises His Role As Admiral Ackbar In The Force Awakens

Race Through Jakku Interactive Video

Rumor On The Release Of The Force Awakens Trailer

Possible Date For The Force Awakens Ticket Sales

Rumor Of A Post Credit Scene For Rogue One After The Force Awakens

New Rogue One Set Photos

Episode VIII Filming At Skellig Michael

Pictures & Rumors Of The Skellig Michael Shoot

Rumors About Anakin Appearing In Episode VIII

New Star Wars Attractions Coming To Disney Parks For Season Of The Force

Star Wars Battlefront Beta Details

Drop Zone Mode Announced For Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Rebels Preview Video: Return of The Clones

Names Of The New Inquisitors Revealed

Sarah Michelle Gellar To Play The Seventh Sister

Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Press Day Recap

Star Wars Ultimate Edition Soundtrack Set Coming In 2016

Star Wars Reads Day 2015 Announced

New The Force Awakens Books Announced

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  1. GermanBoba says:

    Hey You Guys! Been wanting to do this a long time, but better late than never! 2012 I immediately after Celebration Europe II in Essen I looked up iTunes for some SW podcasts. So I got the Frontlines CloneWars podcast and have been a fan of your epic podcasts ever since:) Keep up the great work! A not on the Ultimate Edition Soundtracks: a great opportunity, taken into the wrong direction in my opinion. Since the special edition soundtracks of EP4-6 offered so much more material (even if not complete) it does nobody any service going back to the LP-Cuts. Even if the sound of the special edition soundtracks were far from ideal due to excessive noise reduction and compressing, the remastered High-Def download audio-files in my view can hardly justify the steep price for the set. Though I am really enticed on hearing Harrison Fords opinion on the music, I will wait for the next iteration, several years down the line…

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