New Information On Rey & Finn From Entertainment Weekly
13 Nov. 2015

New Information On Rey & Finn From Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly has got another new article posted on “The Force Awakens” today, and this one is all about Rey and Finn!

In the article over at, we get a little more information on the backstory of Rey and Finn, with John Boyega and Daisy Ridley talking about what their character’s lives are like when the movie begins. You can check out a portion of that article below:

So, Finn and Rey may not look alike, but their commonalities far outweigh their differences. Both are essentially war orphans. He was a child soldier, bred to wear the white armor of a stormtrooper and fight and die, if necessary, on behalf of The First Order. She was abandoned at age 5 on the desert world of Jakku, and has been waiting ever since to be reclaimed.

“There was no one really guiding her. She’s never sat around a table and had a meal with someone else,” Ridley says. “She has a boss, she has someone to answer to, she has to trade the junk for food, and that’s how it has to be. She works to feed herself, and she goes to sleep, and she gets up again. It is a sad life.”

When she meets Finn, a fellow discarded person, they activate something in each other. She has been told she’s nothing, and he has been told he’s only good for one thing. “It’s about looking for a greater purpose, rather than thinking ‘this is the only thing I can do,’” Boyega says. “He wants to change. He wants to make a difference. He’s trying to find some kind of moral dignity in this war.”

Finn and Rey bond after fleeing First Order bombshells being dropped on their heels and only learn each other’s names later, but by then it’s already a friendship forged in the stars.

One of the big questions I had about Rey was her age when she got left on Jakku, so it’s great to learn that she was five years old when she first got there, which was the age I was kind of expecting.

Be sure to check out the full article over at, where Daisy Ridley and John Boyega talk about some funny moments that happened to them while filming, and the importance of having diversity with gender and race in the lead roles of a “Star Wars” movie.

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