First Look At Constable Zuvio In The Force Awakens
16 Nov. 2015

First Look At Constable Zuvio In The Force Awakens

The character of Constable Zuvio is someone who we first got a glimpse of through “The Force Awakens” merchandise reveals leading up to Force Friday, but have yet to see what he would look like in the actual film.

Well thanks to Empire Magazine, we now have our first official look at how Constable Zuvio will look when we see him in the movie, in a new image exclusively released by Empire.

EP7_IA_30086_EDI thought the character had a pretty cool design from what we saw from the toy and packaging, and it looks like they captured the look of him pretty well based of this image from the film. You can also definitely tell that he is a practical effects character from this shot.

Constable Zuvio will more than likely have a small role in “The Force Awakens,”  but I’m looking forward to seeing more of the character when we see the film.

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