Felicity Jones Talks About Jyn Erso With Entertainment Weekly
12 Aug. 2016

Felicity Jones Talks About Jyn Erso With Entertainment Weekly

We’re probably still on a massive high after seeing the incredible new “Rogue One” trailer last night, but that doesn’t mean the new trailer ended Entertainment Weekly’s coverage of “Rogue One” stories this past week, as today’s story focuses on the main character of “Rogue One,” Jyn Erso.

In this article, actress Felicity Jones talks to Entertainment Weekly about meeting with Gareth Edwards for the first time about the role, her training, how Jyn looks up to Mon Mothma, and the importance of having another strong woman be part of the Rebel Alliance:

“We were both working at the time and we met at something like 5:30 a.m. in a hotel restaurant. Most of the meeting was conducted in whispers as he explained the story and the character. My first introduction was definitely one shrouded in secrecy and being very careful no one overheard what we were talking about.”

“I’m laughing now, but at the time, it was physically exhausting. It took a lot of hours of practice, and I worked with a kung fu coach, and I learned to fight, even though I never thought beating up Stormtroopers was something I’d be doing in my job. It came through hard work and lots of practice and rehearsals.”

“She is absolutely a very unlikely heroine. She’s someone on the edges and fringes of society. Physically, she’s smaller than everyone else around her, but… when someone has something they believe in, that’s what powers them, that’s what motivates them, that’s what can give someone enormous strength.”

“I would say there’s a huge amount of respect for women in the Rebellion. Mon Mothma is ultimately, for Jyn, someone she looks up to. So even as the film opens [Jyn] has a very strong female role model in front of her, and someone she respects.”

“It’s vital. As we’re seeing in politics, it is a world where women are becoming leaders of nations, and films should be reflecting that.

I really like the idea of Jyn looking up to Mon Mothma as role model, and hope we get to see a lot of that dynamic in the actual film.

For the full article, head on over to Entertainment Weekly, where Gareth Edwards talks about why he chose Felicity Jones for the role of Jyn Erso.

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