Doctor Aphra Ongoing Comic Announced
12 Oct. 2016

Doctor Aphra Ongoing Comic Announced

The new “Rogue One” poster and trailer weren’t the only “Star Wars” announcements made today, as it was also revealed on The Star Wars Show today that Doctor Aphra is making the jump from the  Marvel “Darth Vader” comic series that just ended today, to her own ongoing comic later this year in December.

The new series will be written by “Darth Vader” writer and Doctor Aphra creator Kieron Gillen, with art by Kevin Walker. The first issue hits stores on December 7th, and will also feature other familiar characters from the “Darth Vader” comic such as the droids BT-1 Tripple-Zero, and the Wookiee bounty hunter Black Krrsantan.


Doctor Aphra was easily one of the best new characters to come out of the new Marvel “Star Wars” comics, so I’m looking forward to reading more adventures of the good Doctor later this year!

Be sure to head on over to for an interview with writer Kieron Gillen about the new ongoing series.

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