Two New Rogue One Character Books Announced
26 Jan. 2017

Two New Rogue One Character Books Announced

If there was one thing most fans wanted after seeing “Rogue One,” it was more stories featuring the great new characters we met in the film. Well later this year we’re going to get those stories for three of the main characters from “Rogue One” in two new books titled, “Rebel Rising” and “Guardians of the Whills”!

“Rebel Rising” is a young adult novel being written by Beth Davis, and will tell a story about Jyn during her time with Saw Gerrera’s rebel group, and will give us more details on what happened between the two characters that caused their shattered relationship.

“Guardians of the Whills” is a a middle-grade novel being written by Greg Rucka, and will follow Chirrut and Baze on Jedha after the Empire takes over the planet, as well as when Saw Gerrera arrives there.

You can check out the official descriptions and covers for both books from below:

When Jyn Erso was five years old, her mother was murdered and her father taken from her to serve the Empire. But despite the loss of her parents she is not completely alone—Saw Gerrera, a man willing to go to any extremes necessary in order to resist Imperial tyranny, takes her in as his own, and gives her not only a home but all the abilities and resources she needs to become a rebel herself.

 Jyn dedicates herself to the cause—and the man. But fighting alongside Saw and his people brings with it danger and the question of just how far Jyn is willing to go as one of Saw’s soldiers. When she faces an unthinkable betrayal that shatters her world, Jyn will have to pull the pieces of herself back together and figure out what she truly believes in…and who she can really trust.

Baze and Chirrut used to be Guardians of the Whills, who looked after the Kyber Temple on Jedha and all those who worshipped there. Then the Empire came and took over the planet. The temple was destroyed and the people scattered. Now Baze and Chirrut do what they can to resist the Empire and protect the people of Jedha, but it never seems to be enough. When a man named Saw Gerrera arrives with grand plans to take down the Empire, it seems like the perfect way for Baze and Chirrut to make a real difference and help the people of Jedha. But will it come at too great a cost?

I’m super excited for both of these books. Seeing more of Jyn’s backstory during her time with Saw, and more of Chirrut and Baze’s time on Jedha as Guardians of the Whills are right at the top of the backstories I wanted to learn about the most.

Both books will be released on May 2nd.

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