23 Aug. 2017

Two New Vehicles From The Last Jedi Revealed

Today’s episode of “The Star Wars Show” revealed two gigantic new vehicles that we will see in “The Last Jedi.”

The first new vehicle revealed is a new walker called the AT-M6 (All Terrain Megacaliber Six) These new walkers are the ones we can briefly see in the distance in “The Last Jedi” teaser, and will be much bigger than a standard AT-AT. It will also move more like a simian to help stabilize it’s cannon, which confirms those early rumor reports about the Gorilla Walkers we heard from Making Star Wars.

The other reveal is of the First Order Dreadnought, which is a massive warship with two Orbital Auto Cannons, and 24 anti-aircraft cannons.

Both look really cool, but I especially love the look and size of the AT-M6 walker and can’t wait to see it in action!

You can check out the reveal of both of these new vehicles from “The Star Wars Show” in the video above.

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