The Cast Of The Mandalorian Officially Announced
12 Dec. 2018

The Cast Of The Mandalorian Officially Announced has now officially announced the full cast for “The Mandalorian,” which confirms that actor Pedro Pascal will be in the lead role, as well as confirm that actors Gina Carano and Nick Nolte will be in the series, who were previously announced as joining the cast via the trades.

Here is the official press release from revealing the full cast list, as well as a comment from Executive Producer Jon Favreau:

Pedro Pascal (Narcos) has been cast in the title role as a lone Mandalorian gunfighter in the outer reaches of the galaxy. He is joined by Gina Carano (Deadpool), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad), Emily Swallow (Supernatural), Carl Weathers (Predator), Omid Abtahi (American Gods), Werner Herzog (Grizzly Man), and Nick Nolte (Affliction).

“We’re having a great time working with this incredibly talented group and excited for everyone to see what we’re up to,” says Executive Producer Jon Favreau

Nice to see the names we saw previously be announced get officially confirmed by Lucasfilm, as well as now knowing the full cast of actors who will be in the first live-action “Star Wars” series.

Now that we know the cast, I can’t wait to learn more about their characters and everything else that will get revealed for “The Mandalorian” in 2019 leading up to it’s premiere!

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