Episode 79: Going Rogue
01 Sep. 2016

Episode 79: Going Rogue

There has been lots of Rogue One News lately, and Kyle and Tim are here to discuss all those stories including the international trailer, new images and info from Empire Magazine, and the reveal of the film’s toys! Plus a new rumor on the Han Solo Star Wars Story film, John Williams scoring Episode VIII, and an exciting new mode coming to Star Wars Battlefront!

Show Notes:

Kenny Baker Passes Away

International Rogue One Trailer

New Rogue One Images From Empire Magazine

Empire Magazine Rebels Cover

Empire Magazine Imperial Cover

Empire Magazine K-2SO Cover

Gareth Edwards Talks The Meaning Of The Title Rogue One

Rogue One Toys Officially Revealed In The Stop-Motion Series Go Rogue

First Look At The Different Jyn Erso Toys

Rogue One Toy Packaging Images

New Imperial Droid C2-B5 Revealed To Be In Rogue One

John Williams On Scoring Episode VIII

Rumor Of Lando Calrissian Being In The Han Solo Film

Battle Station Mode Announced Star Wars Battlefront Death Star DLC

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